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Related to the overall process

1. How is WP different from PR?

A: There are many differences:-

In WP you can go on a contract basis of a minimum 1 year to maximum 4 years. You cannot take your family along with you. You cannot switch the job and you have to come back after the completion of your contract period. Here you have some advantages like Accommodation, Air tickets, One time meal and transportation, which employers provide as a standard practice.

In PR first and foremost thing is you go there on a permanent basis as to settle down. You can take your family along with you. Your spouse becomes legal to work there. You can switch jobs and regions/provinces. After 5 years of stay you can even apply for citizenship. You get many benefits as Tax Benefits, Medical Free including maternity, School Education free till kids age of 18, You can anytime sponsor your family or friends in future.

2. Why does Globetrot cater specifically to New Zealand, Australia and Canada?

There are numerous openings for all kinds of profiles in every sector in these countries. In addition, these countries offer superb living and working conditions, high standards of living as well as excellent prospects for professional growth. They have outstanding records in terms of immigrant rights and employer benefits. Unlike other European nations, where a job-seeker need to have knowledge of the national language (such as Germany and France), these countries have English as their primary mode of communication. Last but not least, employers in these countries prefer Indian employees as they find Indians to be intelligent, knowledgeable, adaptive and hard-working.

3. Why doesnít Globetrot cater to Gulf countries?

At Globetrot, our main focus is on customer satisfaction and the safety of our clients is of paramount importance to us. As per our knowledge and in our opinion, Gulf countries are not completely safe from a job-seekers point of view. There have been numerous instances and reports in the media of job-seekers having had unsavory experiences in Gulf countries. We do not want to put our clientís safety at risk and hence currently we are not providing visa advice / consultation for Gulf countries. In future, we might open up avenues for a few, selective nations on the middle east and at present we are working towards that.

4. Why doesnít Globetrot cater to US / UK?

These countries are not providing PR visas at present. The only option for a professional candidate to get an entry in these countries is through investor visas, which are prohibitively expensive. However in case any individual would like to bear the heavy cost of an investor visa, we are willing to accommodate him/her.

5. Why doesnít Globetrot cater to European countries?

The most important drawback of European countries such as Germany and France is the language barrier. These are countries where English is not the primary medium of communication. To get an entry into these countries, knowledge of the language of the specific country is essential. If a job-seeker doesnít have working knowledge of those languages, his/her file is likely to be rejected by the embassy of that specific country. However if you have a valid job-offer from any European country, we can help to get a WP visa for that country.

6. What profile would I get in the countries that you cater to?

If a candidate is applying for PR, he/she can apply for the same profile in the same industry that he/she is currently working in. The candidate might even get an enhanced profile depending upon his/her suitability. However if the candidate wishes to change his/her industry, he/she cannot apply for PR, as the individual would then be considered as a fresher. The basic criteria for PR is a minimum of 1 year of working experience in the industry or sector that the candidate wishes to pursue.

7. Are there openings for my profile?

There are very good chances that there are numerous suitable opportunities for you in these countries and we at Globetrot are committed to guiding, advising and helping to fulfill the international dreams of aspiring individuals. There are definitely avenues and openings for a better lifestyle for you as well as a bright future for your coming generations. To find out about your suitability, please click here and fill in the form to schedule a free counseling session with our experts.

8. Why canít I pay after my file has been successfully processed?

Globetrot has to incur a wide variety of charges and fees during the processing of a candidateís file. We need to pay charges to immigration experts for their expert guidance. We need to pay a host of other authorities, experts and service providers. The first installment that we charge from our candidates is completely spent on such expenses. To negate the chances of non-deliverance of services from our end, a legal agreement is prepared on judicial stamp paper. This agreement clearly lays down the terms and conditions of the service that we are accepting to provide as well as the detailed refund policy (in the remote scenario that we are unable to deliver services agreed by us within a stipulated time frame). In short, Globetrot accepts the complete responsibility to process a clientís case and bring it to a successful conclusion.

9. Why should I trust Globetrot?

Globetrot is a trusted brand which has been in the immigration business for the past several years. Besides the fact that we are registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), our processes and policies are completely transparent and designed to provide maximum value to our clients. We provide our clients with a legal agreement, prepared on judicial stamp paper, outlining the terms and conditions of the service that we are accepting to provide. This is our USP, as well as the fact that we have a refund policy ensures that Globetrot takes the complete responsibility of the clientís file and is committed to bringing it to a successful conclusion!

10. What if my file could not be successfully processed?

In the first place, if Client follows instructions and guidance provided by Globetrot, there are very high chances that his file will be brought to a successful conclusion. In the remote scenario that client's file cannot be successfully concluded, we have a refund policy in place, which is covered extensively in the legal agreement. We refund 70% of the first installment paid by a work permit client, under such circumstances. In case of permanent residency, we process the refund based on the stage that the clientís file is at that point of time. Please note that the 70% refund is not applicable on partial payment of the first installment, in case of WP.

11. Why is this deduction of 30% applicable in case of refund for WP clients?

Globetrot is one out of very few immigration firms that provides such a high refund, in case of non-deliverance of services. As described earlier, Globetrot needs to spend money for various experts & consultants as well as to facilitate candidateís career search through private sector job boards as well as Canadian job bank. If the client wishes to withdraw at this stage, Globetrot does not retain any amount besides that, as we could not provide you other services promised by us. Globetrot only charges for fees that we have ourselves incurred. Ultimately the client is only putting 30% of the first installment amount at stake.

12. Why such a long duration?

It takes a maximum time period of 3 months for document verification process, and only after this thorough verification, we proceed further. There are several external factors which are not in our hands and which could delay the overall process. Once a candidateís application file is sent to the concerned authorities, even Globetrot does not have a control over it. We try to expedite the processing from our end and use our expertise to route it through the most convenient and efficient channels.

Related to Profile Evaluation

1. What is profile evaluation?

Profile Evaluation is an eligibility test that is done by immigration experts depending upon factors such as:- Age, Qualification, Work Experience, Marital Status, Background etc. This Profile Evaluation is done on the basis of eligibility criteria of the particular country, that client wishes to migrate to. This is a very important and first step in the immigration process.

2. Why should the client pay Rs. 2,070/- to get his profile evaluated, when some other firms do it for free?

At Globetrot, the specialized profile evaluation is done for each individual client by the immigration experts and the amount that we charged is a component of their consultation fees plus the service tax imposed by the Government of India. Globetrot, per se does not stand to gain any benefit from the profile evaluation. Other firms that do donít charge clients for profile evaluation, apparently evaluate the profiles through a generic online process, which is neither reliable nor completely authentic. It is also not tailor-made taking the client's individual education, experience and other factors into account.

3. What is the validity time period for the profile evaluation report?

For all practical purposes, the Globetrot profile evaluation report can be considered as valid upto 6 months. However as the immigration rules are constantly changed and upgraded, we recommend that a client sign up as soon as he/she receives their profile evaluation report. If the PE report is very old, it is advisable for the candidate to get his/her profile evaluated again by paying the nominal charges of Rs. 2,070/-, instead of taking any chances.

Related to WP process

1. Can I apply for PR and WP at the same time?

This is not possible for a single country. Theoretically, an individual can apply for PR of one country and WP in another country. For example, he/she can be a permanent resident of Australia while going to Canada on a WP. But it is neither practical nor advisable as it might cause complications in future. However if, due to some reasons, an individual wishes to be in this unique position, we shall be ready to accommodate him/her and provide our expert guidance / advice.

2. What class air tickets are provided by the employers for WP?

As a fairly standard practice, economy class air tickets are provided by the employers. However in case a client feels he/she deserves better, they can negotiate with the employers. A point to be noted here is that Globetrot is not a recruitment agency.

3. Is the accommodation individual or sharing?

Again, as a standard practice, generally accommodation in 3 bedroom apartments are provided by employers on sharing basis. The room mates can be from any part of the world and this offers opportunities to the clients to get acquainted with people from all parts of the world.

4. If I go on WP, can I come to visit my family?

Vacations for family visits are not unheard of in work permits. In fact, annual vacations are the norm rather than an exception. However, frequency and duration of vacations need to be negotiated by the job-seeker with the employers. Globetrot is not a recruitment agency or job placement firm

5. If I go on WP when would I be able to apply for PR and then citizenship?

Yes. This is possible and clients have done so.

6. Can I pay the entire amount upfront?

Like every business, Globetrot also welcomes clients who are willing to pay the entire amount upfront. To encourage this practice, we even give added advantages to our clients. One such advantage is that for upfront payment of entire amount, the refund policy is 100% and not 70%. But this refund will be given only in case Globetrot fails to deliver within a stipulated time period, which is extremely rare.

Related to Permanent Residency process


What are the benefits of PR over WP?
PR provides a host of benefits over WP. A candidate can only go on contract for a maximum of 4 years in WP. He can neither switch his job, nor take his family along. After completion of the contract period, he has to come back to his home country. There are some advantages which a WP candidate gets by default if he signs up with Globetrot like free accommodation, flight tickets, meals and local transportation.

In sharp contrast, permanent residency gives the candidate a chance to settle down permanently and also take his/her immediate family along. The candidate can switch jobs as well as regions/provinces and even his/her spouse gets a legal right to work in that country. After 5 years of permanent residency, the candidate can apply for citizenship. He/she gets almost all benefits available to the citizens of the host country such as tax benefits, free medicals, free school education for children upto the age of 18 etc. In addition, he/she can also sponsor their friends or family.


Whom can I include in my PR application?
A candidate can include immediate family members in the PR application. In case of bachelors, this includes parents and minor siblings. In case of married candidates, this includes spouse and children.


What is proof of funds?
Proof of funds is a specific amount of money that needs to be shown in the candidateís bank account for a specific period of time during visa application. This is a formality that is insisted upon by the embassy of the host country as a proof that the candidate can maintain the lifestyle of that country. The time period is generally 60 days and this is only applicable for PR (as PR is a self-sponsored visa).


I donít have enough funds to show for proof of funds?
Please click here to schedule a meeting with our counselors, so that we can guide and counsel you about the various options available for this purpose.


When can I get citizenship?
A candidate can apply for citizenship of the host country after spending approx. 3-5 years on PR visa, but he has to stay in that country for that period.


Are the visa fees extra for spouse and kids or other family members?
For Canada and New Zealand, Globetrot does not charge any extra visa processing fees for dependants and it is provided free of cost. For Australia there are extra charges of AUD 1550 for the spouse and AUD 770 per child.

Related to Express Entry Assistance

1. What is Express Entry Assistance?

In case, an individual wants to migrate to Canada on PR visa and he has created Express Entry profile by himself; but needs some expert guidance & assistance on the same, we can provide the same.

2. What are the charges for Express Entry Assistance?

This depends upon various factors such as clientís profile, age, qualification etc; as well as how long since he has created his profile and how complete it is. Since this is a specialized service, the charges can vary from individual to individual. It is recommended that you approach Globetrot Counselor, which will quote you for this service.

Related to IELTS

1. What is IELTS?

IELTS is an English proficiency test to check the English proficiency of the applicant. It stands for International English Language Testing System.

2. How much do I have to score?

The qualifying scores differ from country to country.
Australia- 6.5 bands overall
New Zealand- 6.5 bands overall
Canada-7 bands overall.

3. Is IELTS necessary?

It is not necessary for WP and is required only if the employer demands that the candidate should clear it. However for PR, it is mandatory.

4. Is IELTS included in the migration fees?

Yes. IELTS fees are included in the fees that we charge for PR candidates.

5. What if I donít score the required band in IELTS?

If a candidate fails to score the required band in IELTS, there is always the option of retaking the test as it is conducted very frequently (on an average once in a month). There are coaching classes that a linguistically weak candidate can join to help him/her in securing the required bands. In addition, we inform the candidates well in advance about the IELTS test thus providing them enough time to get ready and also provide study material for this test. Alternatively we

A: This is a rare scenario to happen. We offer our services only to clients with the desired proficiency in English. After conversing with you, I can make out that you would be able to crack the IELTS quite comfortably. And in the rare scenario, that you fall short of the required band, you have to retake the IELTS test.

Legal Agreement FAQs (by clients)

1. What are the clauses of Legal Agreement?

A: There are many clauses of the agreement. But to give you a rough idea the agreement lays down the details of what client is paying for and refund policy in various scenarios. Though we do not give any guarantee, it emphasizes that if client is following our expert guidance & advice, there are very high chances that his file will be brought to a successful conclusion as soon as possible.

2. How much time will it take for Legal Agreement to be ready?

A: It would take 20-25 days for the Legal Agreement to arrive.

3. Why 20-25 days?

A: This is the maximum time frame and we shall try to do the needful at the earliest.

4. Can I have a scanned copy of the Legal Agreement?

A:Yes we can provide you with scanned copy of your Legal Agreement but it would be advisable if you get a photocopy of the Legal Agreement.

Miscellaneous FAQs (by clients)

1. I have heard that immigration regulations have changed, how will I be affected?
A: First of all if we have reached out to you, that means that you fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria. And if at all immigration change in future, as a result of which your profile becomes ineligible, we would giving you a partial refund of fees paid by you. We would also try to minimize any risk factor in such a scenario.

2. What is the climate in Aus/NZ/Can?
A:Australia: Australia is so large that its climate varies widely. The greater part of the continent is desert or semi-arid. Only the south-east and south-west corners have atemperate climate and moderately fertile soil. The northern part has a tropical climate, varied betweentropical rainforests, grasslands, and part desert New Zealand: The climate of New Zealand is mostly cool temperate to warm temperatewith a strong maritime influence. However, due to its highly varied topography, microclimates can be found across the country. The main factors are similar to those found in the British Isles owing to the Pacific Ocean and latitude, although the mountain ranges can cause significant climate variations in locations barely tens of kilometres from each other.
Canada:Canada is often associated with cold weather and snow, but in reality, its climate is as diverse as its landscape.

3. How is the standard of living?
A: The standard of living is high. It will be really good for you and of course your future generations.

4. How do I know if I qualify for immigration?
A: That is the reason we need to do the Profile Evaluation first. A profile Evaluation would make it very clear if you qualify for immigration or no.

5. Will I have to take a medical test?
A: Yes you will have to undergo medical test, if you wish to migrate out of India.

6. What is LMO/LMIA?
A: A LMO/LMIA is a document that an employer in Canada may need to get before hiring a foreign worker.

7. I donít have a passport?
A: That is not at all a problem. The passport arrives in 2 months and this entire process takes about 6-8 months for WP and 16-18 months for PR.

8. I have heard that if your education is in English Canada does not require an IELTS?
A: You might be right, but why take a risk? We do not want to take even a single percent risk. Just to be on the safer side we can take test.

9. I have got a distance education degree. Will that affect?
A: If the university from which you have obtained your distance education degree is on the list of approved universities in the ECA authoritysí website, we can proceed and see if ECA for that particular credential is positive.

10. Can you provide me with the details of existing / previous clients?
A: There is a strict client confidentiality which is in place as far as our relationship with our clients are concerned. Therefore we regret to say that we cannot fulfill your request.

11. I want to have a list of documents required for the entire process.
A: We would definitely provide you with the document list. Once we sign up we would provide you with the list of required documents and details of other formalities to be completed, at every stage of the process.

12. What all things are included in the fees?
A: Our consultation charges, visa processing, courier, attestation, legal fees and many more things are covered in the fees.

13. Can I do part payment of the fees?
A: I donít commit anything to you but would try my level best to get the best thing for you. And it would be done exclusively for you. Iíll talk to my accounts and let you know about the same.

14. What happens if my Profile evaluation is negative?
A: This is a remote scenario, but if the same happens, then you can definitely do the PE for another country by paying amount of Rs. 2,070 again.

15. Can I get refund of my profile evaluation amount, if it is negative?
A: Sorry Sir, but the same is not possible.

16. Do you assist in relocation?
A: Yes we do assist in relocation. But this would be an extra service.

17. Do you have branches in any other city?
A: No at present we do not branches anywhere. We are expanding and soon we are coming up with branches in Banglore and Delhi. Probably after you migrate, your friends and references would come to meet us in our office in your city.

18. What are the modes of payment that I can do?
A:You can do any mode of payment. Online transfer, Cash Deposit, Cheque Deposit or even cash payment.

19. Will I have to visit your office during the process for any of the formalities?
A: You are always welcome to visit our office. However, there is no actual need of visiting our office for any formality.

20. How can I rest assured that your company will deliver?
A: Globetrot is registered with MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs). If you wish, we can send you a snapshot of our MCA registration. You can go through it and any time get a revert from MCA. Another uniqueness of Globetrot is that we provide Legal Agreement on a Government Stamp Paper. No other consultancy would be so transparent. We also have a refund policy in place, which safe-guards yoiur investment. And once you shake hands with Globetrot you would definitely change from ďWhy Globetrot to My Globetrot!!!Ē

21. My experience is with my family business. Would that be counted as experience?
A: Yes totally. It can be considered as your work experience.

22. I have heard that certain countries have made their immigration criteria very stringent. Is that right?
A: What you are saying is true, to a certain extent Sir. However, you can rest assured that we have got in touch with you as your profile fulfills the minimum eligibility criteria.

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