Globetrot CSR

Being a premier provider of targeted, specialized immigration services, GLOBETROT’s core value is to be a good corporate citizen and champion the cause of social returns. Towards this end, we believe in lending a helping hand to the underserved in our country through the support of Woman and animal welfare.

The CSR philosophy of GLOBETROT is aligned with the ancient Vedic concept of Samanvaya, which in Sanskrit implies “living and working in harmony with Mother Nature & her creation.” Implementing this philosophy in spirit, we make a positive contribution to society by volunteering resources and time to the extent possible towards various social causes.

Women Empowerment

Mother Seva Trust - Women empowerment is crucial to the development and well-being of any society or civilization. Team Globetrot firmly reposes its faith in this credo and 95% our work-force consists of Woman. We aim to provide a safe and secure working environment for our female employees and promoting them through the hierarchy solely on the basis of merit and commitment towards their careers.

Animal Welfare

At Globetrot, we have special empathy towards the other species which share the earth with us. The evidence lies in the innumerable animals rescued by members of Team Globetrot as well as ensuring that they are nursed back to health and given proper shelter and care. It is our constant endeavour to prevent unnecessary animal suffering. If you come across any animal in distress, kindly call us on Arranging blood donation camps, donating food, clothes and books to orphanages as well as old age homes are something we are passionate about and do on a regular basis. If you wish to participate in such activities, you are welcome to mail us on