Let me ask you a very fair and valid question.

When you prepare for a job interview, do you design and sew your own attire? Of course not! The very suggestion is preposterous.

Now apply the same question to the creation of your resume. The point that needs to be considered is that you get only ONE chance to make a good first impression on prospective employers. Why take a chance with something as important as your career? Beat the competition and hire a team of professionals with years of experience in helping clients achieving their career goals.

Remember : Even top-selling authors need editors and even highly educated achievers need someone else to write their biographies.

Similarly, even the most accomplished job seeker is well advised to enlist the services of skilled professionals to craft a resume that carefully captures his professional history while strategically highlighting only its most important points.

globetrot resume crafting

In today's job market, resumes receive an average of ten seconds of attention before being trashed or added to the 'maybe' pile. Have no illusions; during the first-round screening, hiring managers are scanning your resume for a reason to reject your candidacy.

A good resume must, in addition to persuading the reader that you have the right qualifications, also anticipate and compensate for any information (or lack thereof) that may be perceived in a negative way. Employers refer to these as ?red flags? and if they find one on your resume, guess which pile it gets dropped into.

Think of your resume as your first - and often only - chance to present your candidacy for the job. If it doesn’t persuade the decision maker to interview you, it is not doing its job. This is where we come in. Our team of highly skilled professionals have the techniques and talent to transform your resume into a highly effective marketing tool that will grab the employer’s attention and make him want to learn more about you.

globetrot resume crafting

Prior to interviews, your professionally crafted resume represents you as the IDEAL candidate. Superior, professionally written resumes have been proven to reduce job hunting time DRASTICALLY!

Professional resume crafters know what recruiters and employers want or don’t want in a resume. They ensure that the candidate’s resume is designed to highlight his or her unique value proposition in an assertive, compelling and concise format.

In addition, resume crafting turns a candidate’s resume into his or her personal brand, by elevating it to the form of an outstanding presentation tailored to highlight the individual’s strengths and achievements.

Spider-Webbing ensures your resume is sprinkled at appropriate places with key-words and phrases that are searched by scanning software as well as HR screeners. This automatically enables your resume to float to the top of the pile when an employer searches online for potential candidates.

globetrot resume crafting

Currently, GLOBETROT offers three levels of resume crafting services: Silver, Gold and Platinum. You have the option of choosing any one of them OR trusting in our counselors to recommend one for you, based on the years of experience that you possess and the depth of your professional achievements.

Silver – This service comes at a nominal cost and is recommended for Freshers who do not have much to show on their resume by way of work experience or professional achievements. We will help you by generating content that will ?hook? the reader. In addition to resolving mechanical errors and inconsistencies, we'll enhance your resume’s appearance by addressing visual issues such as margins, balance, shape, alignment, justification, pagination, word and line spacing, and size and selection of bullets and fonts. We'll ensure that your resume’s layout is both attractive and consistent with its own 'per

Gold – A reasonably priced and much-advised service for professionals with a few years of experience under their belts and a healthy amount of achievements to their credit. Your current resume could suffer due to a lack of relevant, compelling content and that’s where we come in the picture. Trust in us to not only perfect your resume’s visual and mechanical presentation, but also hone it and convert it to a cohesive, persuasive marketing document. We will identify and resolve irrelevant, misleading, or otherwise harmful information to ensure that you're making the right impression. Our goal will be to carefully deconstruct and rebuild your resume one line at a time to ensure clarity, consistency, and directness. We will tighten sentence structure, rephrase clauses, hone your tone, optimize organization, and amplify appropriate achievements

Platinum – A premium resume building service for professionals who aim to reach the upper echelons of management and have top-notch experience to substantiate their aspirations. Your resume needs special attention and so do you! We will carefully evaluate the various resume formats (reverse chronological, functional, hybrid and so on) and pick the one which most flatters your background and qualifications. We are experts at digging for information and casting it in exactly the right light. Because we understand completely how the hiring process really works and analyze things from a hiring manager’s perspective, we are equipped to help you optimize your already substantial resume for the real world. Once your resume is in our hands, all the guess work about what to include and what to omit is a thing of the past.

All the above services also include Spider-Webbing, a unique concept mastered by GLOBETROT, which involves skillful incorporation of certain key-words and phrases in resumes, which are automatically identifiable by scanning software as well as HR screeners. The presence of such key-words in strategic points in your resume creates a web of desirability which will immediately ensnare the attention of potential employers.

We will deliver your resume in all of the following formats – Adobe Acrobat (PDF), ASCII (text only) and Microsoft Word. You can mail us your updated resume on info.globetrot@gmail.com or call us on 8097281644.

We have a standard three-day delivery service and will email the new version of your resume back to you within three business days of our most recent exchange. We also provide 24-hour rush delivery option for an additional fee. If you avail of this option, we will deliver your resume to you within twenty-four hours of receipt of payment. Whatever your requirements and expectations are, don’t worry about it; we have got you covered.