Like the other Scandinavian countries,Denmark is a highly developed nation based on economy,cultural harmony and social trust. Country has developed a universalistic welfare state based on high levels of public benefits (education,health care, unemployment benefits, old-age pensions etc.), provided to all citizens and residents in the country.Denmark has a modern, prosperous and developed economy.As per the world bank denmark is the easiest place in Europe to do job or business.with the lowest crime rate,Denmark has been highly identified as the safest place in the world,thus attracts immigrants from across the world.

Danish Greencard
'Danish Greencard Scheme' invites qualified highly skilled foreign workers and professionals to get Residence and Work permit of Denmark (Europe)

There are a lot of benefits of this immigration program, for instance:-

Green card holders will get visa free acess to all Schengen Zone countries.
Permanent Residence Permit would authorized immigrants to work in all European Union countries.
The primary applicant’s privelege(right) would be applicable to his family members as well.
Danish Government supports a family to come and even gives extra right to work and live in Denmark.
Danish Greencard scheme will give pleasure in social benefits of being Danish and obtain grants in aid, buy assets and children add right to get free of charge higher education. Danish Greencard scheme

The Positive List

The positive list has been introduced to fullfill the shortage of the qualified skilled professionals. The minimum educational level required for the Positive List category is a Professional Bachelor's degree, such as a pedagogue. In some cases, you must obtain a Danish authorisation. This is explicitly stated on the Positive List.

Positive List has categories and sub categories-:

The Positive List Categories

Hospitality (Hotels,Restaurants,canteen,kitchen,Bar)
Health, Healthcare and Personal Care,scientist
Education and tuition
Professional Work (includes project management, engineering occupations, architects, lawyers, doctors, and other professional occupations)
IT and Telecommunication
Educational, Social and Religious Occupations (Childcarer/social educator, Social worker, Supporting pedagogue)
Sales, Purchases and Marketing
Other academic work (professor/lecturer, Actuary ,Business controller, Researcher, social sciences, Psychologist, Legal counselor, Financial controller)
The Pay Limit Scheme
The scheme applies to a Persons who have been offered a job from a Danish employer that pays more than DKK 375,000 (approximately USD 80,000), he/she is also eligibile for a work and residence permit in Denmark and can get easy access to the Danish labour market.There are no specific requirements with regards to education, field or the specific nature of the job.

Study in Denmark

As a Student, Applicant can be granted a residence permit in order to study in Denmark.

There are four main categories of study which can warrant a residence permit:

Higher educational programmes
Basic and youth study programmes
You must be able to satisfactorily answer the questions of the immigration officer.
Folk high schools (folkehøjskoler)
Denmark For Study

Tourist Visa

Denmark is famous for its Capital Copenhagen and for frendly people.apart from Copenhagen Denmark has many sandy beaches which attracts people from all over the world. Denmark offers cheap and readily accessible beer, wines and if u r a person to try different things at a time,Denmark is the country to visit and of course we at Globetrot Resource Mangement Pvt. Ltd. will help you get a tourist visa and guide you on all the matters So what are you waiting for !!! for further information visit our office or fill up the inquiry form and an Globetrot expert will get in touch with you.
Denmark For Study