Invest in Latvia (EU Country) and open your gates to Europe.
Residence permit in Latvia

Residence permit allowes a foreigner to reside in the Republic of Latvia (EU country) for a specific long period without time limitations within this period.

1st July 2010, Latvia adopted amendments in Law on immigration, which allow foreigners to obtain RP in Latvia if they have either purchased real estate in the Riga region for not less than 100 000 LVL (~142 000 EUR) or 50 000 LVL (~71 000 EUR) outside the Riga region, or invested as subordinated loan in one of Latvian banks not less than 200 000 LVL (~285 000 EUR), the minimum term of the “deposit” is 5 years.

Why Latvia?

About Latvia
Like any other European Union country Latvia has such easy ways of obtaining residence permit Latvia residence permit allows RP Holder to travel without visa to any other European country, which is a member of the Schengen zone (almost all EU countries are members of the Schengen zone).without the obligation to take a flight through Latvia.RP Holder can travel directly from his/her home country together with his/her family members to any of the European Union country.

Latvia 's geographical location provides a variety of seasons, nature just outside the cities, seaside with fine sand, friendly and interesting people, modern and historical architecture.In Latvia, most people under the age of 40 speak English, which makes it much easier to adapt to the local lifestyle.