There are four main types of Singapore work visa for people looking for professional work in Singapore:
Employment Pass Singapore (EP)
The Singapore employment pass is the most common type of work permit for Singapore


A minimum monthly salary of over S$2500
Degree from a recognized university.(Check Listings)
Validity up to two years, it can be renewed providing you’re still working in Singapore.
Permanent residence (P/R) is a possibility after a certain number of years on the employment pass for Singapore.
Entrepreneur Pass Singapore (Entry Pass)
Singapore Employment Pass (Skill Pass Visa)
Personalized Employment Pass for Singapore (PEP)

The Professional Visit Pass (PVP) validity is for is 12 months for technical roles. Assignments to install or repair machinery, computer software or equipment or perform other technical duties, no matter how brief, would qualify for a PVP. The assignee must remain employed and on the payroll of his/her home company throughout the PVP assignment to qualify for a PVP.

Employment Pass
Visit Pass (Temporary Employment). .